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Alike Darjeeling tea or Solapar chaddar, Kesar mango from Talala Gir will soon have its own identity.

Kesar mango will be the first agricultural produce from Gujarat and the second mango variety in India (Dussheri from Uttar Pradesh being the first), to get this registration. Post-registration, villagers in a total of eight talukas across Junagadh Districts and Amreli districts in the periphery of the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary will be able to reap the benefits of added value attached to their produce. Talala, Keshod, Vanthali, Una, Kodinar and Mangrol talukas are the main centers for Kesar in Junagadh district, while for Amreli; the centers are Dhari and Khambha.

Kesar Mango cultivation in Gir started about a century ago. In the past 100 years, the region has emerged as the hub of this fruit. Namely, the Gujarat government will bear all the registration charges for which the preparations are in the final stages by the Junagadh Agriculture University (JAU), with the help of the Agriculture Market Produce Yards of the various centers.
Types of Mangoes :-

Types of Mangoes found in India

1. Alphonso
2. Ratnagiri
3. Devgadh
4. Kesar
5. Batli
6. Langdo
7. Payri
8. Rajapuri
9. Tota

Types of Mangoes found in the US :-

1. Irwin
2. Kent
3. Lippens
4. Haden
5. Alice
6. Valencia Pride
7. Alice

kesar mango

Mihir farm,

We bring you to "Indian saffron" the best of Indian mangoes "Kesar" variety.

"Saffron" Mango Mango India.It Queen widely grown in the Gujarat state has a unique sweet taste. Saffron is characterized by its golden color with green overtones. Strawberry fruit is slightly smaller than the variety. saffron fields of very good offers naturally as "Saffron Queen" ripened fruit products

In 1930, the ruler of Junagadh state Mahabat Khan, Krishnaswamy Iyengar agricultural experimentation and many horticultural consultant with a local common variety Alphonso grafts grafted, sowing the red laterite soil in the foothills of Mount Girnar. Fruits that emerged was a golden saffron glow and a rich smooth pulp.

Among the best Indian dessert mango "Kesar mango" is. Saffron is the reigning king among the common Indian fruits. Common in the world produced about 70% of India and any taste 280 g (10 oz) on average as the fruit comes kesar.The shoulder.The ripening fruit perfumes the air in open sun, bright yellow with a pink blush with a wonderful sweet and fruity aroma. Taste is intensely sweet, rich, and many aromatic overtones and a hint of citrus, complete. Offers the best of many strawberry farms Kesar naturally "KESAR KERI" as the ripened fruit products

Made a famous visit in one of Brazil's Corruption saffron D 'Albuquerque's found it's way during his visit to India when he brought his famous name fruit. So, Saffron common Gujarat Konkan got home with green edges. Local version, for that blooming flowers with a luscious fruit grafted.